Long Falls Paperboard Products

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Archival Genuine Pressboard™

Acid free Hi-pH archival quality pressboard


Smooth, stiff, medium density Type II pressboard in a range of colors

Genuine Pressboard™

Smooth, highly-densified Type I pressboard cover material with a distinctive marbled, mottled appearance


Uncoated vellum-finished sheet available in a wide range of colors, textures, and weights

Grafton® MPC

Smooth, matte finish with rich color saturation

Guidex® Type II Pressboard

Medium density pressboard, very stiff and strong


Medium-density pressboard in a wide range of colors, plus White

Press Guard®

Acrylic coated & embossed Type I Genuine Pressboard


Earth friendly, Earth inspired100% Recycled fiber, 30% PCW

Valtex® Pressboard

Economical, low density Type III pressboard