• Our Commitment

    Long Falls Paperboard is dedicated to the health and safety of consumers who utilize products made with our materials.

Responsible Manufacturing

At Long Falls Paperboard, we know how important it is to treat our employees, our community, and our environment with care and respect. That's why we're committed to the safety of our employees, vendors, and customers who use our products; the community that supports our operations; and the surrounding land necessary for our operations. Long Falls Paperboard is proud of its sustainable products, and we're always working to reduce our impact on the environment through long-term projects such as waste and energy reduction. All employees at Long Falls Paperboard are mindful of government and industry regulations that address product safety, and we are continually working to improve upon and exceed those expectations. 
But our safety commitments don't stop at the property line. We understand that every company's paper needs are different, and it's our mission to ensure every customer's safety concerns and qualifications are met. We're dedicated to meeting and exceeding market requirements for our products, and we strive to constantly evaluate and improve upon all of our products' quality, safety, and cleanliness.