• Sustainable Practices

    Long Falls Paperboard is committed to sustainable processes and practices for a brighter future.

Committed to the Environment

Long Falls Paperboard is dedicated to creating a cleaner future for our employees, our community, and our environment, and the swiftest way to achieve this is through sustainable practices. Our efforts include utlizing recycled goods in our manufacturing processes, reducing our waste output and removing hazardous materials from the LFP site, and reducing our energy consumption.

In September 2019, Long Falls Paperboard was awarded the Energy Leadership Award for Impact from Efficiency Vermont for our energy-saving projects, and more energy-saving and waste-reducing projects are well underway. We're thrilled to be known for creating a positive impact on the environment here in Brattleboro, and we're excited to continue to share our progress and development with our customers and community.

For more information on our sustainability projects, please visit our News and Events page.